Laser Acne Treatment in Austin, TX

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What is a Laser Acne Treatment?

Acne is one of the problems many people face at least at one point in their life or another. It can also have a huge impact on a person's ability to appear comfortable. Men and women who get acne usually have painful pimples or inflamed bumps on their face, their collarbone, upper back, shoulder blades, upper torso, and arms. It may greatly impact your life, not only from an aesthetic viewpoint but from a psychological one, too. If you have utilized multiple prescriptions, ointments, or face cleansers but nothing seems to work, acne laser therapy may be a great option for your skin. Following their treatments, many of our patients observe tremendous improvements in their acne and are happy with the results. At Beleza Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez is pleased to provide noninvasive laser treatments that help treat active acne. We invite you to reach out to one of our four Central Texas locations in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Austin, or Killeen and ask for additional information about our laser acne procedures and set up a session.

What Can I Expect from My Laser Acne Treatment?

Our skin care professionals at Beleza Surgery will begin by cleaning your face. Throughout the short session, Dr. Hix-Hernandez will lightly guide the laser over your treatment area to take out whiteheads and destroy acne-causing microorganisms. You will probably encounter some irritation throughout the treatment; however, a lot of individuals depict it as an annoying tingling sensation. Laser acne treatment helps restore your skin, allowing you to accomplish a beautiful appearance. After your treatment, you might experience additional reddening, bruising, and slight skin tenderness. Depending on the section treated, we recommend not using cosmetics for a day and avoiding any lengthy sun exposure. Many of our patients will often observe results after one to two days. Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez can identify how many appointments you require, depending on the seriousness of your blemishes. Generally, individuals need 3 – 6 sessions to see unblemished skin.

Clearer Skin for More Confidence

If you suffer from acne and have tried many treatments that were not helpful, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez invites you to feel better about your complexion by calling one of our Central Texas offices. Don't let acne hinder you from appreciating your skin. Let Beleza Surgery help you accomplish the smooth skin you have always hoped for. To learn more details about laser treatments for mild to painful acne, please reach out to one of our offices in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Austin, or Killeen, TX, and set up an appointment.


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