Laser Tattoo Removal in Austin, TX

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Sometimes it’s a teenage mistake you regret. Other times, it’s an image that’s just no longer valid to you. No matter the reason for your tattoo removal, Beleza Surgery can help. Our tattoo removal specialist has helped people get rid of tattoos ranging from small symbols to elaborate designs. Have that unwanted tattoo removed and feel great about yourself again.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

At Beleza Surgery, we use Alma Lasers’ Harmony to perform the laser tattoo removal. There are three factors to consider in regards to successful laser tattoo removal: ink color, ink particle size, and ink depth.

Ink colors have differences in light absorption, which means multiple wavelengths are needed to treat a colorful tattoo. Even black tattoos may require multiple wavelengths to achieve significant clearance.

The Harmony machine works, in part, by targeting ink particles and breaking them up into smaller pieces that can be absorbed and flushed by the body. Alma Lasers have found that pulse duration can play a significant role in achieving superior clearance of tattoo inks.

The art of placing a tattoo is an imperfect science. Ink is distributed to multiple layers of skin. This is another reason that multiple treatment sessions are needed to effectively eliminate a tattoo.


Benefits of Harmony Tattoo Removal

  • Reduced side effects, including less injury to surrounding skin

  • Fewer treatments than traditional lasers

  • Improved clearance, even on difficult ink colors

  • Quick treatments that last just minutes

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Laser Tattoo Removal is offered at our Cedar Park location. Call our offices, or email [email protected] today to book your complimentary consultation to know if laser tattoo removal is right for you.

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