The Hernia Center at Beleza Surgery


The Hernia Center at Beleza Surgery is one of the most experienced advanced hernia repair programs in the region, with Dr. Smith and Dr. Hix having more than a decade’s experience in complex abdominal wall reconstruction and hernia repair. At the Center, our goal is to help patients return to a full and active lifestyle by utilizing high-quality, evidence based surgical care to marry outstanding hernia repair and cosmetic outcomes.

We perform surgical consultations at our Cedar Park and Killeen office locations and perform surgery at several centers in the Round Rock/Cedar Park area.

Types of Hernias We Treat


Inguinal Hernia

This is a hernia in the groin region, and includes direct inguinal, indirect inguinal, and femoral hernias. It is the most common type of hernia and can be repair with minimally invasive or traditional techniques.

Ventral Hernia

There are three types of ventral hernias: incisional, umbilical, and epigastric. This type of hernia is located in the abdominal wall and are associated with activities that increase pressure within the abdomen, such as heavy lifting, chronic coughing, obesity pregnancy, or abdominal injury. Depending on the size of the hernia defect, minimally invasive approaches to repair are possible.

Incisional Hernia

These types of hernias occur after previous abdominal surgery near the site of the surgical incision. Like ventral hernias, any activity that increases pressure within the abdominal cavity before complete healing of the incision may lead to an incisional hernia. These activities may include weight gain, coughing, sneezing, physical activity, or straining with bowel movements. For smaller hernia defects, minimally invasive approaches may be possible.

Large Abdominal Wall Hernias

At our Hernia Center, we are experts in performing abdominal wall reconstruction for massive abdominal hernias. These types of hernia repairs are complex, and often require combined operative techniques from general and plastic surgery. Dr. Smith and Dr. Hix have been performing these advanced hernia repairs for more than a decade, with excellent clinical and cosmetic outcomes. They often work together to ensure that not only is the hernia repaired, but the cosmetic outcome of the repair is outstanding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hernia Surgery (FAQs)

  • Do I need a referral for hernia repair? –

Depending on your insurance carrier, a referral may be required. This requirement is determined by your insurance provider. Please contact us today at 512-354-1283 to learn more about whether you need a referral from your primary care provider.

  • Do hernias have to be repaired?

Once a hernia has developed, there is no other way to repair it other than surgery. If you suspect that you have a hernia, it is important to have an evaluation by your primary care provider. If the hernia is not bothersome to you, some primary providers may recommend watchful waiting, however, if pain or the appearance of the hernia becomes troublesome, discussing repair of the hernia with an experienced hernia surgeon is best. Occasionally, intestines can become trapped in a hernia, which can become an emergent situation that requires urgent medical care.

  • Which surgical techniques are used to repair hernias?

Minimally invasive surgical techniques, which utilize cameras and small incisions, are used whenever possible to enable our patients to return to their normal work and personal routines quickly. In some cases, depending on the size of the hernia and other factors, a traditional approach may be the best option for repair. Our surgeons will assess your hernia and recommend the safest surgical procedure for you. Dr. Smith is a member of the American Hernia Society and is committed to offering the highest standard of care by keeping current on the latest surgical techniques and quality data, while taking a customized approach to each patient to optimize their surgical outcome.

  • How much does hernia repair cost?

Most insurance companies cover hernia repair. Each person’s costs will largely depend on their health insurance plan for their surgery deductible and out-of-pocket expense. Our team can provide you with an estimate based on your health insurance after your visit with our surgeons.