Beleza MedSpa Austin Downtown

Update! We are excited to share that we have moved our Austin location to the beautify Austin Arboretum! 

Our downtown location is so convenient—and you don’t even have to fight to get a parking spot, since we have our own parking lot. The office is located on South First St. one mile south of Barton Springs Road. 

Our hip little downtown spot offers the same funky flair as the rest of the area while maintaining a relaxing, quiet environment for you to pursue any of the treatments we have to offer. Check out some of our photos below! 


Nearby Relaxation Spots 




Beleza isn’t the only place in town to relax and have fun. There are plenty of great spots near this location which we encourage any of our clients to get out there and explore. 



Since we’re downtown there’s plenty of shopping and dining to enjoy. The Bouldin Creek Café is a nice, unique eco-friendly bohemian café where you can enjoy great food and a rotating monthly art show. Of course, if you’re on one of our medical weight loss programs you might want to steer clear—everything’s so good it’ll be hard to stick to your program! 



If your downtown job has got you down then you might want to take a walk around Ricky Guerrero Park over your lunch hour. Strolling beside the bubbling creek will help you “reset” yourself after the going gets tough. If you’ve got a bit more time we’re also pretty close to the South Austin Recreation Center. Take a karate class to beat your stress away, or even feel like a kid again by joining the Adult Kickball League. 



Conditions to Watch Out For 



Downtown Austin sort of packs a 1-2 punch that will impact both your stress levels and your health. 



First, there’s the traffic. Traffic conditions in Austin have only become worse over the years as people have flocked from all over to enjoy living here. We certainly don’t blame them, but more cars mean more stress as we all try to get where we’re trying to go. Remember to practice deep breathing…and come into Beleza for a massage if you find your stress levels getting too high. 



Second, according to, Austin has one of the highest UV ray indexes in the country. A high UV ray index means you could easily sunburn or expose yourself to skin cancer risks just by spending a little bit of time outdoors. Be sure to wear sunscreen when you’re out and about to protect your skin—sun exposure is a leading cause of aging. Drink plenty of water and eat right too—and ask us about our anti-aging treatments if all of your best efforts fail. 






Our downtown location is a great place to take advantage of all of the procedures we offer, or to purchase any of the products we recommend. We have been around since 2007 with many happy clients (just read some of our downtown location reviews if you don’t believe us). 



Visit 1609 South 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704 for a free consultation today, or call (512) 354-1285. We can’t wait to meet you. 



We are experts in body contouring, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation procedures. Schedule your free consultation now! 

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