Improve the Appearance of a Double Chin with KYBELLA®

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A double chin is a common concern for many people. Unfortunately, submental fullness can make someone seem heavier or older than they actually are, and it may be too challenging to address through diet and exercise alone.

Fortunately, there's a nonsurgical solution to reducing the appearance of a double chin — KYBELLA. Our med spa facility is proud to have helped countless patients boost their confidence with this revolutionary treatment. Call Beleza Surgery to book your KYBELLA injections. We proudly offer this service in Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Killeen, TX.

Understanding double chins

Before we dive into the specifics of KYBELLA, let's first understand what causes submental fullness. A double chin is usually the result of excess fat deposits around the neck area. Factors like genetics, age, and hormone changes contribute to the development of a double chin, even in individuals who are not overweight. Many people with a healthy BMI still struggle with submental fullness.

Options like liposuction are often considered to address a double chin, but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of surgery. KYBELLA injections are worth considering for those who want to avoid invasive procedures.

How does KYBELLA work?

KYBELLA contains deoxycholic acid, a natural substance that your body produces to help break down fat. When KYBELLA is injected into the area under the chin, it destroys fat cells, causing them to gradually disappear over time. The cells do not regenerate, so once they are gone, they will not return. This results in a more defined and sculpted jawline that matches the rest of your face.

How we perform KYBELLA injections

Before the procedure, our med spa professionals at Beleza Surgery will assess the chin and neck area to determine how many injections you need. Most patients require several sessions for optimal results. During treatment, small injections will be made in the targeted areas. The entire process takes less than an hour and is relatively painless.

One of the best parts about KYBELLA is that there is no downtime involved, meaning you can return to home and work activities almost immediately after treatment in Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, or Killeen, TX. Mild side effects like bruising, swelling, or numbness may occur but should subside within a few days.

Additional benefits of KYBELLA

Another advantage of choosing KYBELLA is that it's nonsurgical, meaning there are no incisions or anesthesia involved. This makes it a great option for those who don't want to go under the knife. And since the fat cells are destroyed, there's no need for ongoing treatments or maintenance sessions.

Of course, we still recommend maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine long-term to prevent fat deposits from forming around the neck. But with KYBELLA injections, you can finally say goodbye to that pesky double chin and feel confident in your skin.

Improve your profile with KYBELLA

A double chin can be a source of self-consciousness and insecurity. But with KYBELLA, you can finally get rid of submental fullness without surgery. If you're interested in learning about this treatment or want to book an appointment, contact us at Beleza Surgery. Our med spa facility works with patients in Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Killeen, TX to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

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