Kylie Jenner - Plastic Surgery Analysis

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery
Kylie Jenner: Puberty or Plastic Surgery?

Kylie Jenner has grown up in front of the world. Starting at age 11, the reality star has now transformed herself into a glamorous business woman with millions of fans around the world. Being around a family that embraces plastic surgery, Kylie Jenner admitted to the use of lip fillers at age 16. It is obvious now that the further changes in her appearance are not just due to puberty, but to a combination of plastic surgery procedures. Although Kylie is a naturally pretty woman, she has further enhanced her beauty.

Kylie Jenner Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures.
Kylie has admitted to the use of lip fillers due to her small lips. Seeking poutier lips, she has had lip injections with a filler like Juvederm. Performed in-office, lip injections are safe but have a limited lifespan of around 4-6 months. Those seeking longer term results, can try fat transfer to the lips.
Kylie’s lips have an obvious increase in volume, maybe a little too much in the upper lip. She also has more defined Cupid’s Bow and a more poutier look.

Kylie also appears to be using Botox to alter her facial muscles. She appears to have a Botox Brow Lift and a Botox Lip Flip. She has also most likely had microneedling with PRP to improve her skin texture.

Kylie Jenner Breast Surgery.

Kylie appears to have a dramatic change in the size and shape of her breasts. This was most likely accomplished with breast augmentation using breast implants. Breast Augmentation provides immediate, long-lasting results. Breast augmentation can also be performed with fat transfer in many cases.

Kylie Jenner Butt Surgery

Kylie has also unveiled a new figure complete with a smaller waist and bigger butt. This was most likely accomplished with a Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Implants. The Brazilian Butt Lift combines aggressive body contouring with liposuction to make a smaller waist and back. The fat removed is then transferred to the buttocks to increase the size and provide a change in shape and lift. This procedure can be performed in-office under local anesthesia. Buttock implants involve the use of silicone inserts inserted into the buttocks under general anesthesia.

Like Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Transformation?
Even though she is young, Kylie has dramatically changed her appearance with plastic surgery. If you are interested in some or all of these procedures, Beleza Medspa offers free consultations to discuss your personal goals. Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD, is an expert at body contouring, breast augmentations, Brazilian Butt Lifts and Lip Injections.

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