Which Dermal Fillers Are Best for my Facial Wrinkles?

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Facial wrinkles are a normal part of aging, but that doesn't make them any less embarrassing or frustrating. If you want to reduce fine lines and hollow areas, you may consider dermal fillers at Beleza Surgery. This anti-aging treatment fills in deep lines, so your features appear more youthful and vibrant. But with so many filler products on the market, it can be difficult to select the best ones for your needs.

The following list offers a breakdown of the most popular options for dermal fillers and what they can do for your complexion. Call us in Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, or Killeen, TX to schedule a skin assessment and consultation.

What causes signs of aging?

Our skin loses essential elements, like collagen and elastin, as we age or due to factors like hormone changes and sun damage. Instead of firm and elastic skin, we may notice more prominent wrinkles and lines, hollow areas, and sagging. Dermal fillers are known to counteract these issues so you can look and feel younger in just a short amount of time.

What dermal fillers do you offer?

Dermal fillers are administered into the skin to enhance contours and restore lost volume. Fillers are made from a wide range of materials to produce different results. For example:

  • JUVÉDERM® and Restylane®: JUVÉDERM fillers made from hyaluronic acid (HA) are soft and gel-like. These are often recommended for plumping up thin lips or hollow areas under the eyes.

  • RADIESSE®: RADIESSE is made of calcium-based microspheres, which have a thicker consistency than HA fillers. This brand is suited for deep creases and hollow areas that require lots of volume. Treatment can also stimulate new collagen production for long-term results.

  • Sculptra®: Poly-l-lactic acid fillers also encourage new collagen production in the skin. Sculptra is used for correcting noticeable nasolabial folds and similar facial wrinkles.

How do you choose which dermal fillers to recommend?

Beleza Surgery is committed to offering the best anti-aging treatments in Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Killeen, TX. That means selecting fillers based on your unique facial features and concerns. For example, JUVÉDERM fillers are perfect if you want fuller lips, while Sculptra is used for marionette lines and nasolabial folds that form around the mouth.

How are dermal fillers performed?

Even though they have different consistencies and chemical compositions, dermal fillers are usually administered in the same way. Injections are quick and nonsurgical treatments that don't require a lot of preparation. Our team may provide a topical anesthetic to make sure you feel comfortable during the process.

Once we've identified the treatment areas, we'll insert the needle into your skin to inject filler underneath it. We may add more than one injection depending on your concerns and how much product you need. When we're finished with a specific area, we can add more filler to other areas.

Reduce facial wrinkles and lines

Wrinkles and sagging skin can be frustrating and affect your self-confidence. Thanks to dermal fillers, you can regain your youthful appearance in just one quick session. Beleza Surgery is committed to offering safe and effective treatments that provide long-term results without surgery. Learn more about JUVÉDERM fillers and other anti-aging treatments during a consultation in Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, or Killeen, TX.

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