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What Is A Fat Transfer?

If someone gains, then loses weight, they may lose shape in various body parts where volume was once plentiful. One way to regain volume that has been lost is through an aesthetic procedure known as fat grafting (a fat transfer). This treatment takes fat from one or more areas of the body and transfers it into a specific place that could use additional volume. A fat transfer can be performed on widespread areas, such as the buttocks or breasts, or on delicate features, such as the lips and cheeks. Fat grafting and transfers are commonly chosen when a patient hopes to have a natural enhancement versus using implants or fillers. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez is skilled at using the most advanced liposuction and grafting methods for performing fat transfers. This cosmetic enhancement at Beleza Surgery creates natural-looking, appealing outcomes. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call one of our Central Texas locations in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Austin, or Killeen, TX.

What Can I Expect from My Fat Transfer?

During your fat transfer, you will be placed under some form of anesthesia. The type of sedation or anesthesia will depend on how much fat tissue is being taken out, including the area where it will be placed. A form of liposuction is completed to carefully extract the fat so it can be purified and harvested. After prepping the injection site, the fat will be transferred into the area that needs volume. This injection is performed in layers until an even smoothness has been attained. For some areas, numerous injections will be necessary. Following this procedure, you will begin a healing phase. Keep in mind, there are two different areas on the body that need to be carefully treated: the area involving liposuction and the injection sites. The recovery process may be longer if a larger section on the body was addressed. As an example, a fat transfer to the lips will typically only warrant a 1 – 2-day healing period whereas a transfer to a larger section, such as the butt or breasts, can take many more days. The sites will appear red and slightly swollen, but the outcomes can be seen almost immediately. Another perk is the area where fat was extracted will appear slimmer. Fat grafting yields wonderful, lasting results. There is almost no scarring associated with this procedure.

A Transformational Look

A fat transfer at Beleza Surgery is an outstanding option for those who are looking to alter their appearance by transferring fat from one area of their body to another — typically the breasts and buttocks, or even the lips or cheeks. This procedure can help you to achieve the look you desire without pursuing a major surgery that requires a lengthy recovery period or associated downtime. We welcome you to call our office at one of four locations in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Austin, or Killeen, TX to schedule your consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez.

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